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Iran IoT Forum Members



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What is IIF?

IRAN IoT FORUM is the first Iranian forum in the area of "Internet of Things". This would be a great networking opportunity where everyone could get deep insight on the local market dynamics. 

What are the objectives of the Iran IoT Forum?

1-Creating and leveraging IoT ecosystem in Iran. 2- Consultation and synergy with governmental bodies for correct and effective policy making and removing the challenges. 3- Strengthening local capabilities in order to develop various and functional services in the country. 4- Help Iran IoT players’ activities in the international markets. 5- Synergy in order to create and use business opportunities for the IoT activists.

How IiF can help you in doing business in Iran?

Regarding to valuable networking between all Iranian IoT Players in IiF, We can help international investors and companies in finding untapped opportunities of IoT markets and doing business in Iran.

IiF Working Groups

We have started IiF activities via 5 working-groups based on biggest challenges & issues in Iranian IoT Ecosystem: 1- Security Working Group. 2- Technology Working Group. 3- Regulation Working Group. 4- Innovation Working Group and 5- Engagement Working Group.

Why You Cannot Afford To Miss IiF2018?

1- Meet the top managers of ICT ministry, regulatory bodies, vertical industries, utilities and businesses, network operators, service providers, manufacturers, vendors and solution providers in the whole of the country’s IoT ecosystem. 2- Learn Iran’s market requirements & issues. 3- Discuss native strategies and business models for developing broadband & IoT markets. 4- Explore ideas on how to invest and do business in the IoT ecosystem in Iran. 5- Collaborate with key stakeholders to set up new plans & projects across the country.

How can I join IiF 2018?

please fill in the registration form 

contact us via the phone: +982188513810