IRAN IoT FORUM is the first Iranian forum in the area of "Internet of Things". This would be a great networking opportunity where everyone could get deep insight on the local market dynamics. Teyf Group as the first and only Iran telecoms think tank, have organized Iran IoT Forum (IiF) since January 2016. 

The first annual IiF summit was held on 15 January 2016 with the aim of promoting Internet of things in the country and enhances networking between ecosystem players, Many Iranian companies and government organizations from different sectors like power and electricity, Oil and gas, municipality, telecoms and other sectors.

Since IoT is multi-dimensional and polychotomy and the number of private, governing stakeholders is multiple, creating cooperative working groups and close interaction between effective stakeholders are needed for the success of IoT market development and opposition with backwardness of the country in this area in order to remove key challenges to develop faster.  Therefore, we have started IiF activities via 5 working-groups:

• Security Working Group

• Technology Working Group

• Regulation Working Group

• Innovation Working Group

• Engagement Working Group


IiF Virtual organizational structure


Hence, Teyf Group calls for effective companies, private, governmental and non-governmental organizations and bodies for registration in IiF by referring to the secretariat of this group.

IiF Perspective

IiF represents active and effective interaction among all country IoT ecosystem stakeholders which provides endogenous and extraversion development and growth of IoT services in all economic parts of the country, in the form of decision-making a non-governmental body leading.

IiF Macro-objectives

v  Creating and leveraging IoT ecosystem in Iran 

v  Consultation and synergy with governmental bodies for correct and effective policy making and removing the challenges

v  Strengthening local capabilities in order to develop various and functional services in the country

v  Help Iran IoT players’ activities in the international markets

v  Synergy in order to create and use business opportunities for the IoT activists 

IiF Strategies

IiF core strategies are as following:

v  Suggesting required measures for removing IoT security challenges

v  Creating cooperative opportunities and empowerment in terms of technology 

v  Partnership in reforming and updating related laws and regulations

v  Doing multidimensional partnership based on PPP models

v  Promote and stimulate demand among potential customers and stakeholders

v  Purposeful support from local IoT startups

v  Purposeful support from industrial and technological group activities in the universities of the country

v  Applying convergent policies through defining and approving IoT national development roadmap  

v  Defining mutual projects among Iranian and international players

v  Marketing Iranian players’ capabilities via holding regional and international events

v  Active partnership in international decision making institutions and communities

IiF organizational structure

IiF organization structure is provided based on the following model:

1)    Teyf Group as the secretariat of IiF plays the role of coordination and track of the forum goals and strategies.

2)    The most important initiatives required to make the IiF include: structuralizing, annual planning, doing secretariat administrative and financial affairs, holding public or annual meetings, working groups meetings, internal conferences, seminars, webinars and publishing related documents, website management and decision making virtual network and exchanging the ideas, defining required executive processes in interactions among members, working groups and central policy making council   

3)    Cooperation basis of the dependent bodies will be provided from IoT global market threats and opportunities by registration of Iran IoT ecosystem stakeholders in security, technology, regulatory and engagement working groups.

4)    IiF is an organizing procedure which organizes some available resources and facilities of the members in order to achieve the highest capability in line with meeting IiF strategic implementation.  

5)    The basis of the mentioned working groups is based on policy making decisions and it is valid while it is in line with realization of part/parts of core strategies considered in this specialized forum.  

6)    Changing the number and the subject of the IiF working group is central policy making council authority. 

7)    The place of meetings, sessions and events relevant to members’ interactions will be done through communication networks.