we have started IiF activities via 5 working-groups:

• Security Working Group

• Technology Working Group

• Regulation Working Group

• Innovation Working Group

• Engagement Working Group

Security Working Group

Regarding the high priority of security in the context of IoT development, the working group was created to address challenges and related considerations in IoT ecosystem.  Some of the practical challenges ahead are including: plurality of nodes, simple network plug and play, Authentication challenge, availability and guarantee of no congestion of communication channels as result of several nodes entrance, guarantee of identical security considerations for several IoT standards and protocols, safety and guarantee of specified maximum latency in sensitive applications, privacy challenges, data anonymity grantee, data ownership. 

Technology Working Group


Technology working group has been formed to facilitate technological challenges and relevant issues within Iranian IoT ecosystem. Technical dimensions of developing IoT such as access networks, smart equipment, smart firewall, big data process, cloud computing management, software and hardware gateways, IoT servicing platforms and M2M technology are among the discussed topics within the working group.

Regarding the presence of Iranian companies and investors in working group sessions and their interests in international interactions, opportunities related to outsourcing and collaborative activities from technical perspective is designated that provides Potential entry point for international contributions.

Regulation Working Group

The working group has concentrated on paving the way for IoT technology development from policy and regulation perspective. Regarding the fact that several players including governmental organizations, network operators, service providers and startups … will be active within the ecosystem, new regulatory challenges arise which would be addressed by corporative regulation and corporation among ecosystem players. Spectrum management, security, numbering, coordination between regulators, customer’s right and other relevant issues are the key topics that can be addressed by the working group. 

Innovation Working Group

Innovation working group focuses on helping involved players of the ecosystem to tackle the emerged challenges and opportunities as they proceed in their journey of implementing the IoT paradigm in their relevant industry. Though there are a lot of uncertainty about the evolution and future of the IoT, but for sure the technology will have the drastic impact on all involved organizations and industries, resulting in new products and services and redefining the traditional procedures.

Engagement Working Group

The Engagement Working Group mainly focuses on reaching a common language among vertical players (Such as utilities, industries and non-ICT businesses) and traditional players in telecom industry.

It acts as a catalyst for promoting convergence in IoT ecosystem to produce a mainstream between key players. It is also responsible for exploring executive and customized solutions to reduce barriers and limitations on the way. At the present, we are focused on the following vertical markets in Iranian IoT ecosystem:


    • Smart Energy (Electricity, Gas & Water)
    • Smart City
    • Smart Transportation
    • Smart Health